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More and more traditional retail companies are turning to Private Label cosmetics due to the increase growth of consumer awareness and motivation to buy products that are simillar to branded products but at cheaper prices. This allows the Retail companies to sell cheaper and at the same time increase margins as much as 80% in some cases.

Price is not the only advantage of creating a private label. For hotels and hotel resorts. Private Label Hair and body care cosmetics are a perfect way to add low cost additional value for there clients and bringing an exclusive feel to the hotel. Private labeling makes this all possible even for the smaller hotels, motels and even bed & breakfast accommodation.

Health Spa's, beauty salons and Hairdresser's can also benefit from offering clients there own private label. Exclusivity is created and because the private label is yours clients can only buy from your designated distribution channels.

Online shops and retailer are also now seeing the advantages of creating private labels for the same reasons and for online start-ups private label is a match made in heaven due to the relative lower amounts of capital needed compared to traditional retailing.

At Polyethylene tubes by Swit we combine private label and modern cosmetic tube trends with over 64 years of experience in cosmetic production. Our factory is based in Warsaw Poland making us amost neighbours to all countires in the European Union and within easy reach to every city in Europe.

Not only are we experienced in cosmetic production, private label and cosmetic tube production but also we are able to offer a wide range of logistic solutions including, transportation, warehousing and possibilities of dropshipping.

So if you plan to start your own private label in the near future or have an existing private label and looking to expand your product range or are looking to save money on your existing solution please  contact our business development team who will be more than happy to help you with all your enquiries.

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Cosmetic tube Private label

 We offer

  • Wide range of existing products to select from including. Hand & nail creams, body creams and lotions, cleansing lotions, cleansing milk, shampoo, shower gels, intimate gel, anti cellulite cream and gels..... contact us for full list.
  • Reseach and Development department to develop and create products.
  • Over 65 years of experience in cosmetic production
  • Large volume capacity.
  • Modern high quality cosmetic tubes in a range of sizes
  • Graphic department to create your brand. logo and package design
  • Low minimum orders at attractive prices
  • Dedicated team working on your behalf.
  • Hotel private label.
  • Spa Private label.
  • Motel Private label.
  • Retailer Private label.
  • Supermarket private label.
  • Beauty salon private label.
  • Hairdresser private label.
  • Health spa private label.

For more information please contact our Business Development Team with all your enquires.

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